Interviewing People Is a Great Way to Get Amazing Content

Interviews are a fast way to generate brilliant content. I first realised this when I ran a magazine. To fill my magazine each month I had two choices: I could either commission a journalist to write a 4 page feature… …or I could jump on the phone with an expert, ask them the right questions to […]

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How to Become a LinkedIn Influencer

Have you seen LinkedIn’s Influencer feature? It’s where celebrities like Richard Branson and Bill Gates write posts for the rest of us to read. Well, guess what? LinkedIn called – and they want you to join them. No, seriously – here’s what’s happening: LinkedIn has announced something called LinkedIn Publishing Platform It’s letting you post articles […]

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Reading out your copy can make it sound goofy.

Does Your Copy Sound As Lame As This?

Nothing screws up your copy like your voice. When somebody else reads your writing out loud, it can ruin all your hard work. I know that sounds dramatic, so let me show you what I mean with a cringe-worthy example. (Sorry Spotify!)

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Originality is Overrated

Originality is overrated. Gene Simmons, the founder of Kiss, puts it best: “Originality is overrated. I don’t have an original bone in my body. All I do is take stuff that everybody knows and put it together.” How does Simmons decide which markets to enter? Mostly, he just lets Kiss fans tell him what to […]

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John Lennon once hated the sound of his singing voice - you might experience the same thing when you write.

You’re Only Writing for One Person

John Lennon hated his singing voice. He thought it sounded too thin, so he was constantly screwing around with effects. That’s why he sounds so strange on “I Am the Walrus.” You probably do this too when you write. You think the way you naturally write isn’t good enough. Not professional enough. Doesn’t look like […]

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“Cover them with butts”

Las Vegas casino boss Benny Binion is doing his rounds of Binion’s Horseshoe one day. He discovers a group of casino employees huddled around a slot machine combing through swatches of fabric. They’re trying to pick a new fabric to cover the slot machine stools, and they ask for his opinion. Binion thinks for a […]

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ADD is Par for the Course

It’s tempting to think: “if they can’t be bothered to read this, that’s their problem.” The problem is, you work in the real world. Author Steven Pressfield describes playing the first hole on a Scottish golf course in a howling gale. He takes his shot, but the ball sails hard right into the rough. “Sonofabitch!” he yells […]

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