A spell to write good

I wrote a spell for you. You can cast it to make folk read what you write.

It’s not hard to learn – but first let me tell you just how this spell will help you:

  • When you cast this spell, each word you write will be quick to read
  • When you cast this spell, each point you make will sink in fast
  • When you cast this spell, your work will hit home. (Friends will ask how you do it.)

Most of the world is blind to this trick. They won’t have a clue!

So, do you want to learn it? Here is the spell:

Write as much as you can in one syllable words.

Let me tell you why this works. Words that have only one syllable go straight in the brain. You don’t have to read them – they sink right in. One syllable words make your idea a snap to grasp.

What – you don’t think it can be done?

Go back and read this post once more. You’ll find that – save for the word ‘syllable’ – no word has more than one sound.

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