Come With Me If You Want To Live

Every Terminator movie features the line: “Come with me if you want to live”.

It’s the moment when a hero shows up to save a character from certain death. The rescuer is mysterious. Their motives are uncertain. But the victim has no choice but to follow.

You can deploy the same concept in your relationship marketing sequence to introduce yourself to a new audience.

With the ‘come with me if you want to live’ storyline, you swoop in to rescue the reader from the problem they have.

  1. Tell them they’re in trouble.
  2. Address their problem
  3. Emote with the problem

Notice there’s no Step 4: Solve problem. For now, it’s enough to show understanding.

Here’s an example

  • The message below is one I’ve used in a few different industries. It’s about the pain of being disrespected, which most professional audiences can relate to
  • Notice it doesn’t even specify which industry it is – it’s flexible enough to apply to pretty much any white collar role
  • Something like this is good to put at the start of your relationship marketing sequence – it’s good for getting you on-side with a new audience

Has this ever happened to you?

A plumber arrives at your home, and says: “I can fix this leak. I recommend that we use this type of pipe, but if you know better just let me know what type of plumbing material you’d prefer.”

I’m sure that’s never happened. It’s never happened because plumbers are trained professionals, and you let them do their job.

Now, think about your role.

  • Do people take your work, and send it around so people can ‘comment’ on it?
  • Do people dump projects on you and ask you to ‘work your magic’ on this?
  • Do senior people think it’s okay to rewrite documents you already spent time finishing?

In our industry, it’s critical that people treat you like a professional. When you’re seen as the ‘adult in the room’, you’re present when decisions are made. When you aren’t, you find out later. What’s hardest to swallow is that this is usually a choice you make. Perhaps not deliberately, but it’s a choice you make based on the way you behave.

It’s a complex problem, and there’s no quick fix. If this resonates with you, I have some more resources to share to help you overcome this.

Stay tuned…


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