Start with the audience

In 1947, my grandfather Max went into business manufacturing electrical motors in Leeds, England. This was his store:

My grandfather Max's business in 1947

From what I hear, Max wasn’t much of a salesman. And at first he didn’t know much about electrical motors. But his business was successful. Everybody in his little industry liked him, and they came to him first when they needed something.

When my grandfather retired in the 1980s, new owners took over. They modernised the business, updated the technology and bought expensive new computers. With all the shiny new objects they forgot one thing: keeping in touch with customers. The business collapsed.

I can’t remember the exact quote, but my grandfather explained it like this:

“I never heard of a business that sank because it didn’t have enough computers. But I know plenty of businesses that failed because it didn’t have enough customers.”

I think that’s a good lesson. If you have an audience — a group of people who know you, like you and trust you – you will always have a business.

This website is for you if your job involves marketing professional things to professional people. Consultancy services aimed at Chief Digital Officers. Financial assurance services for CFOs. It doesn’t matter what you sell. If it involves reaching out to people sat at a desk and making them pay attention to you, I will help you do that.

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